Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.


Lola (Grandma),

I Miss You! I miss your Pochero, Hamonado, Dinuguan argh! I miss talking to you, just seeing you. just knowing you’re near I find peace. Please take good care of yourself. wear as many clothes as possible to prevent hypothermia. You’re getting old Lola, take care of what you eat, and please wait for me until I graduate Medicine so I could take good care of you! How Iwish I could have a child right now so he/she can feel your love.



Congrats to your Orals! I know you worked hard for it. Well done! One exam to go tomorrow! Please Don’t get envious at me if I sleep all day 24/7 during these times. You don’t know how hard it was for me during my college days. I don’t even have sembreaks and summers back then. Modesty aside, I’m even part of different extra curricular activities back then, so you don’t know how happy I’m feelin this right now.



Thank you bro! for introducing me running! For motivating me to go on, 10k is hard, never thought I would be able to achieve that. Thank you for all those advice. I’ll try to patch things up but I must say I don’t know when will things be okay again. In time.



I Miss you dude! we really need to talk about a lot of things! There’s a lot of political issues stirring. We have our lives to talk about, our dreams and girls. I hope things are good for you. I would love to talk to you. But on the top of it, I wanna say sorry personally for not being able to close the deal with CCNAPI. I really hope things will be okay and could continue allocate funds for our scholarship.



Being broken is hard! Please, do everything you can to save your relationship, at least no regrets, you did your best. But what the heck, if you’re not happy then go, love yourself more. I hope everything would be good whatever happens. That’s life. We really need to learn more about love. You owe me a lot of food okay!



I miss you ate! You are really my twin, bakit ba pareho tayo ng nararamdaman! Kung maging tayo na lang kaya! hahaha Oh, joke lang yun! :) Huuuuug! Ingat! I can’t wait to see you and then hear you sing Fra Lippo Lippi songs!



I love you! Sorry I can’t say this to you upfront. It’s way too cheesy for me. Thank you, for supporting what I want in Life. Thank you! I will really give back by taking care of you and Dad when you get older. Oh Thank you for appreciating my Chicken curry! I will never forget that night.



Please give me a good grade this time About 80-85! please. Help me to master you! I reaaaallly want to be a MD. time is ticking and you are the only requirement I need to get into a good school.



I’m still hurting. You Broke me apart. I’m still shattering to pieces. I still can;t move on. That maybe is my problem I know. I gave everything, okay my problem again. That’s 4 years. I surrounded my life, dreams, everything. I hope everything goes well for you. and yes, Up until now I don’t want to love anyone because of you.You treated me just like a dress na pag nagsawa ka na, pinalitan mo agad! Tangina. ang sakit. I gave you a second chance, I’m prepared to give you a tird but I chose to walk away. I realized it’s better to give myself the chance naman. I hope you’re happy now for ruining my life.



Thank you Lord for your unending love, mercy and grace. Forgive me for holding back. Renew my heart again. Please make me feel accepted again. Let your will be done Lord. Thanks in advance.


PILYO said...

kabulastugan is bicol word. sain ka sa bicol?

kabalastuganniM said...

@PILYO: I'm a Batangueno, not a Bicolano. :) ikaw taga-Bicol ka?