Tuesday, March 30, 2010

May tomorrow be a perfect day, may you find love and laughter a long life's way, May God keep you, in his Loving care, till he brings us together agai

This was the Lyrics every student sung on the high school and elementary school I went on. at dahil ang bunso naman namin ang grumaduate ngayon, first time din niyang kantahin yung lyrics, at nakikanta ako. Nakakaiyak.

Nakakalungkot yung kanta, kasi ito na ang signal na maghihiwalay na kayong mag-highschool friends to have another journey which is college.

Pero the song would give you Hope as well, na darating din ang araw na magkikita-kita uli kayo, Professional na, Yung iba may mga anak na at halos lahat ay stable na ang buhay.

I miss High School!!!!

Can’t wait to become a Doctor, Have my own Family, and a stable, independent Life.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My life is not great right now, but don't doubt me, I will be great! :)

I will be GREAT!
I will be GREAT!
I will be GREAT!

Business Proposal

My bestfriend and I always dream of becoming a Billionaire.

He came from a good family, kumikita naman ang mga magulang niya ng okay. ganun din naman ang pamilya ko. Now that we've graduated as Nurses. We would really like to earn ng kami lang.

After Graduation, my bestfriend continues to learn their famil business, and I started working as a Nurse.

I evidently stopped from working alrady since I'll push through to Medicine.

But my bestfriend looked for more ways on how to become a Billionaire, he attended seminars, ventured out for new networks.

Up until this day, when he called me to meet up with Him.

I told him, what's up? sabi niya, business proposal. Sabi ko, I wont give any money pare, I don't have any. sabi niya, okay lang, kain lang daw ako.

and so I went. I missed him. I missed the house. I missed his Family. but everything changed.

So the Business came in, the speaker gave some insights. I was enticed. Magaling ang proposal. Maganda ang proposal :)

I ended up eating afterwards which was really the main task why I was there.

HMy bestfriend asked me for comments. sabi ko maganda, pero I don't have money to shoulder anything to start with.

Everyone knows that! My parents don't believe I can do sales. I need to focus on Medicine.

As I was about to get home, Her mom called me, oh Martin, get 1 stock there, sell as much as you can. I told Tita na I can't that's a huge amount of capital. I don't have anything to give. Sabi niya, binbigay ko na yan sayo, I trust in you. Do your part well. I kow you can be a great seller just like your parents. I believe in you.

That was just the most kind and touching words any person could say to me, that they BELIEVE in me.

Nung palabas na ako ng bahay nila, my Bestfriend whispered, Pare, this is our chance to become a Billionaire.

Never ko inakala na naalala pa rin niya ang pangarap naming dalawa and kasama pa rin ako sa pagbuo ng pangarap na yun.

Someday, we'll become Billionaires.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Decision

It's a very Big Decision, it took me exactly 8 months, full of prayers and petition para malaman ang desisyon ko.

I've always wanted to become a Doctor. It's just seemed to be a burden for me instead of a dream.

Takot ako, sa Pera, sa Investment, sa Lahat.

Mahirap mag-Med, alam ko yun Matagal ang Med, pero pangarap ay pangarap. and every person would want their Dreams to come true.

So moving on, I'll be taking NMAT this April. yun na lang ang hinhintay ko, and I need to get 65 percent at least, para makapasok sa UERM.

I was interviewed already and it seemed okay, so please Lord! sana mataas ang NMAT grade ko! :)

Please everyone, Pray for me :)

It's the Last Days of March 2010

Three years! It took me over 3 years para makapag-blog ulit. I'm getting myself ready. preparing for my next journey.

Yes, another journey, kung dati iniisip ko pa lang kung paano ako papasa ng pagiging Nurse sa UERM, ngayon iba naman.

Yes, nakagraduate ako as Nurse in UERM, and Yes, nakapasa ako as Registered Nurse sa Board Exam ng PRC last June 2009. Yes, nagtrabaho ako as nurse sa isang private hospital sa Antipolo.

But now, iba naman, iba naman ang tatahakin ko.

I've decided to take Medicine. :)