Monday, October 18, 2010

8 ways to win my heart.


Being Yourself

Knowing you speak your mind beyond complexities and differences makes my heart melt. I love conversations, so if we’re fighting about issues intellectually. we’re doing good. you’re catching my attention on how to make a rebuttal.


Giving me a Jolly Hotdog.

Jolly Hotdog is my comfort food. When a person knew I’m sad, and suddenly gave me one, I will be very happy. Technically, none has given me a jolly hotdog yet. Oh, I fell in love with the last person who gave me one. She’s my ex now.


If you’re not a smoker.

I don’t like smokers. But it doesn’t mean we can’t be best of friends if you’re a smoker. I just don’t see a person who smokes as someone I’ll love make love with.


You watch War Movies

I love people who watch war movies. They seem to know the history. They see gory scenes and most especially they see how hard it is to be in a war. I really love war movies.


If you like to hear Beatles/Eraserheads Songs.

This is a big plus for me! we’re really alike if you love singing to their tunes. I have met only one at the moment who loves this both.


You eat as much as I am.

I love to eat any kind of food. yung tipong hindi maarte. that’s sexy for me.


Who has a deep faith in God.

I don’t believe much in the essence of religion, I care most on your personal relationship with God. As long as you put faith in Him, and would admit that you are nothing without Jesus. I’ll admire you more.


Someone who will accept me.

I’m not gwapo. I’m not buff. I’m not matangkad. I can be the worst lover. I swear. I don’t text much, I don’t like to show off. My parents are strict. Lastly, I’ll be a doctor soon, so probably Medicine and my patients will be your greatest enemy. But don’t fret, my heart is only yours.

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